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Medical Essays

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Psychosocial Concepts in Radiography

The aim of this assignment is to describe and discuss the psychosocial aspects of patient/client care as applied to radiography, and the skills…

Nasal Surgeries and Procedures Types

Neurocranial restructuring is the relaxation of neuro tissues to relieve tension and return the skull’s structure to its naturally designed appearance.

Effects of the Gardasil Vaccination

This preventive vaccine has the potential to reduce cervical cancers by 73% and vulvular cancers by 50%. The side effects associated with taking…

Complications of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

In patients undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery; knowledge of anatomic details and average lengths of skull base and their neighbouring structures and…

Left-side Ureteric Colic Case Study

The patient that is suffering from left-side ureteric colic, small calculi and tenderness in the left loin should drink plenty of liquids, primarily water.

Autonomy, Capacity and Dignified Death

The Council of Europe protects the right of people in terminal phase or dying, to self-determination. But only if the patient is competent, you can make…

Effects of Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

Cocaine and crack cocaine have similar long term effects. They both create insomnia and kidney and liver problems. They differ in the short term effects.

Causes of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disability that causes reading and language difficulties, in terms of spoken or written. Today, there are many researches…

Pica Disorder: Causes, Effects and Treatment

Pica is a disorder that manifests after a continuous eating of non-nutritive substances for a maximum period of one month. The diagnosis is usually…

Causal Explanations of Dyslexia

Poor decoding and spelling abilities along with difficulties in precise and fluent recognition of words characterise the learning disability of dyslexia…

Study into Mapping Blind Spots

Though the blind spot is a part of the retina that is devoid of photoreceptors, therefore relaying no visual information, it does not lead to the…