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Housing Essays

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UK Housing Services | Case Study

The Housing Act 2004 introduced licensing for housing in multiple occupation, as in this example. The Act sets out the standards of management which…

Housing Development Legal Issues

This document will focus on identifying expanding and exploring legal issues which may be encountered regarding the housing development by Respond…

Home Automation Project Development

A home control system controls the user’s whole house, triggering routines and events involving Home Subsystems. An automation system controls a…

Key Worker Living Scheme Analysis

Affordable housing in London is an issue which affects many individuals and the problem of affordable housing is particularly of concern to poorer…

Research Methodology for Housing Research

This chapter will discuss the research methodology available for the study and consider the methods applicable for use and will present how the…

Impact of the Homelessness Act 2002

The proposed research will examine the impacts of the Homelessness Act 2002 on homelessness policy and practice throughout the United Kingdom…

Effects of Renewable Energy in Nigeria

Electricity and energy is now becomes an integral part of our routine life. Believe or not we are totally on the mercy of the energy to accomplish…

PR1MA Group Housing Affordability

This study is to investigate the rate of affordability among young home owner of PR1MA in Federal Territory of Putrajaya using the survey method…

Fire Safety Principles Analysis

The aim of this report is to survey existing means of fire escape in a number of local houses of multiple occupations with a view to give….

Benefits of Buying a House

People have been reluctant to invest in a house for many reasons. Among the reasons are decreasing home values, high student debt, the volatile job…

Turnkey Rental Properties Investment

The goal is to make the whole process as simple as possible, so all that has to be done is “turning a key”. There are many different turnkey real estate…

Preparing a Home for Resale

The home you’re trying to sell is the same as any other commodity: it needs to be marketed. It should be made appealing to the type of person you are…

Housing and Sustainable Development

This seminar paper will try to explore the relationship between housing development and sustainability. The term ‘Sustainability’ is very vast and…

Choice based letting system

The Communities and Local Government Department introduced the Choice-based Letting (CBL) scheme in 2001 as a pilot programme.

Housing need and demand

In assessing current and future housing requirements how would you distinguish between the concepts of housing need and housing demand?

Creative about recruiting

How can Helen and Jesse be creative about recruiting top-notch people for the housekeeping department?

The uk housing sector

The UK housing sector has been under the shadow of ‘Credit Crunch’ since June 2007, which initiated from United States and began to cover the globe.

Student investment properties

Property assets such as land and buildings are key resources for all types of organizations.

House prices in uk

According to a new study from Halifax one of the largest mortgage lenders. House prices in UK have beaten inflation over the past 50 years.

Poor health and poor housing

There is an abundance of evidence and a long established link to support that poor health and poor housing are inextricably linked.

Industry Forces and the Generic Strategies

In this chapter, the author will review the literature concerning Michael Porter’s Five Competitive Industry Forces and the Generic Strategies.