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Computer Science Essays

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Novel Elliptic-function Low-pass Filter (LPF)

A novel elliptic-function low-pass filter (LPF) is Presented, which consists of a Electromagnetic band gap on the ground plane. The Electromagnetic band…

Methods for Routing Improvement in WSNs

The aim of designing the Directed-Diffusion is efficiency in energy consumption, thereby increasing life expectancy network. In order to reduce energy…

Passive Optical Networks (PON)

With the popularity of broadband services of the terminal users the demands for bandwidth in the access network is rapidly increasing…

P2 Cycle in WDM Networks

We address The P2- cycle in mesh networks can be analysed by using single link failure. We further propose two P2-cycle based heuristic algorithms…

Ultra Wideband (UWB) Innovation

Ultra wideband (UWB) innovation is right now being examined as a promising answer for transfer speed, expense, power utilization, and physical size…

Modification of Power Series Expansion

The paper explains about the implementation of power and log function based on a simple modification of power series expansion of Taylor series.

Nonlinear Generalized Companding Transform

In this paper a novel non-linear generalized companding scheme called “Quadrilateral Companding Transform (QCT)” has been proposed to reduce the…

Software Architecture Design Approach

After we have our initial hypothesis we have to determine how to identify if design satisfies the quality benchmark expected from the application.

Content-Based Video Retrieval Method

In this paper, we propose a CBVR (content based video retrieval) method for retrieving a desired object from the abstract video dataset.

Variable Length Hash Algorithm Using RC6

In this paper, we present a hash algorithm using RC6 that can generate hash value of variable length. Hash algorithms play major part in cryptographic…

Open Source Software: Advantages and Methods

Open source software is treated as the software which is freely accessed by anyone. The source code of the software is publically accessible by anyone…

Inverse Matrix Condition Number

In this framework, a system is provided with an input, called a stimulus, and the resulting response of the system is measured.